Melon Media Group is a recognized digital web development company. We are able to meet the needs of diverse clients in both the private and public sectors. We work with small companies looking to building their brand identity; large corporations looking to send a powerful message of their continued presence; and niche organizations with unconventional needs.

Our mission is to ensure that your business realizes its full potential by catering to your media and advertisement needs. We will make your business more efficient, help generate revenue, save money and give your enterprise the recognition it deserves. With a strong team of skilled and experienced designers, developers and marketing agents – we can satisfy your needs, and we guarantee our commitment.

Our vision is to create an ongoing business relationship with you, helping you every step along the way, delivering results and making all your endeavors as profitable as they can be.

Every project is unique with its own specific requirements. We work with you to learn how you do business and we deliver options to optimize your process.

At Melon Media Group we do not cut corners at customers’ expense. From start to finish you can count on us to bring your ideas to life! We will help you shape your vision and conceptualize solutions to this effect.  

At the beginning of the project your project manager will provide you with a timeline and a project schedule. You can conveniently check up on the progress of your project, and provide feedback for timely changes as your desire. The flexibility we offer allows your project managers to change tactics and the work schedule the time to address all your concerns.

Prior to project implementation we test the final product for cross-browser compatibility, functionality, & usability. This quality assurance process will guarantee that the product presented to you is error free, functional and compliant with HTML standards.

Strategy: planning is a panicle aspect of every project. Here at MMG we break down the requirements, analyze the implementation process and chart out the blue print of each project.

Implementation: behind every design and every idea lies a strong and experienced technical team. Here at MMG we pride ourselves in working with the best for the best.
Testing: each and every application we develop undergoes a validation procedure. The goal of this stage is to ensure that the final product functions correctly.

Maintenance and Support: as your requirements change and your business grows, your online applications will require maintenance and support. Here at MMG we are always eager to aid with any issues, help plan out new requirements and work with you to realize your goals.

Migration and Enhancement: reinventing the wheel is not always the best approach, but adding tires to your frames would make the ride a whole lot smoother. Our development team has vast experience with enhancing legacy systems, improving functionality and updating your profile with the latest technological enhancements.


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