As vast as the World Wide Web is, so too are our online advertising service offerings. Contextual ads on search engine results pages, banner ads, Social network advertising, advertising networks and e-mail marketing (including e-mail spam), the list of tools we can use to help you attract customers goes on and on.

A major advantage  of online advertising is information and content that is not limited by geography or time. Furthermore, the emerging area of interactive advertising presents fresh innovations for us to provide you with an improved advertising strategy.

Case in point, online video directories for a variety of products and  brands. You may add a response feature that can take the viewer to a specific brand’s website, and/or allow you to interact with the user through other tools such as email, chat or phone.

These directories offering more than one product at a time, and more so are a complement to other media advertising strategies rather than act as  interruption, to your customers because they have the choice to view the commercials of a number of brands as they wish.

Response to brand communication is instantaneous, and conversion to from prospect to business is very high. Why? The viewer has already chosen the product according to their desires before contacting you!

At MMG we know that our customers are a unique bunch. To complement that, we have provided an equally unique bunch of pricing options. Your project manager will work with you to choose which best suits your situation.

Ads containing streaming video or streaming audio are becoming very popular with advertisers.

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